Focused on the work process
Working on the project architect place
Female hands holding plant in brown pot
Just a great green plant
Is this gonna be good for a decor?
This vase looking just great
Time to re do some things
Working on drawings
Working at architectural project
Female hand holding a golden bitcoin
Painted female hand
Female hands holding smartphone
Female hands holding smartphone
Gadgets are kind of friends nowadays
'cause there's no need to be sad
These shoes were made for walking
Working hard would be like this
Now would look at things normal
Gonna take care of this little green plant
Beautiful natural decor it is
Trying to be productive here
Gonna give a little cut-cut to old stuff
Woman's hands working on drawings
Architect hands working on blueprint
You're so soft and fluffy
You're so soft and fluffy
I love my new smartphone
How about a cup of tea?
Female hand holding smartphone
Always with the phone in hand, always connected
Well, who's ready for a walk?
Well, should we take a walk around?