Ice Cream Pink Cone

A bouquet of nutrition
A bouquet of nutrition
Cool down, baby!
Here, take an ice cream. did i ask you whether you want it? right. now take it
The taste of summer and carelessness
When i say that ice cream makes me smile everyone says 'aww', but i mean it for real, it makes me, please send help
Take a picture of me like i am one of those happy summer girls
Wanna have a bite of it?
This ice cream tastes just like heaven
Young woman eating ice cream
Wanna have a bite of it?
Ice cream is a perfect yummy treat
Hey, want some cold sugary milk in a cone-shaped waffle?
Unlike the others, ice cream never fails to make me happy
Why do you all think that the same-sounding words 'ice cream' and 'i scream' is just a coincidence? wait, i'm gonna prove you wrong
Checkered top, checkered skirt, checking you out, trying to flirt
It's so hard not to give in
Hey, anyone wants some ice cream?
Ice cream is just essential when it's summer
This ice cream tastes not bad at all
Ice cream is just essential when it's summer
Young girl looking attentively at ice cream she's holding
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