Long Position

I don't understand why the ironing takes me all day long
A man taking a picture of himself in a mirror
Having an enjoyable little break
Yes, i'll be free after doing my household chores
This damn iron won't work properly
I've got a pile of ironing and it won't do itself, will it?
Yeah, i'm doing the ironing now
Ironing out nasty wrinkles and creases
Neat and clean ironing with no wrinkles on clothes
Can't focus on ironing anymore
Gosh, this ironing time seems never to end
Household chores make me feel happy
Enough ironing for today
Stupid iron burn!
Gosh, this ironing time seems never to end
Excellent coffee and friendly service
You call this coffee? this is rubbish!
He's so good at telling jokes
Mister, what do you think you're doing!
What's going on there?
Enjoy our freshly brewed coffee
I have been waiting for my order way too long
What are your specials for today?
I'm so sorry, it's my first day here
It tastes really great
She's looking thoughtful today
Thank you very much
Hope this coffee will make him feel more energized
First i waited too long and then got wrong meal
Why i still iron my clothes instead of giving to a dry cleaning service
Are you gonna work or what?
Look, i'm really good at ironing
When i do my household chores well, my family is happy
Well pressed - well dressed
A man and woman are holding a white plate
Well pressed - well dressed
Combining the useful and the pleasant
We all prefer wearing wrinkle free clothes
She's dreaming to get out of doing her chores
Feeling as refreshed as my clothes
Yes, i'll be free after doing my household chores
Yeah, i'm doing the ironing now
A woman holding a cup of coffee and a small bird
It's difficult to touch a hot iron surface and not get burned
This damn iron has ruined my very favorite dress
What are you doing after work, honey?
I wish you were the cream in my coffee
How are you doing today?
Freshly brewed coffee for you, madam
I'm supposed to listen until he's finished...
Enjoy our freshly brewed coffee
What's got into him today?
It's always nice chatting with you
Good morning starts with great coffee
It all starts with a good chat
No coffee, no workee
Hold on, i didn't order any of this