Discovering world with my man
Smiling young woman holding vintage phone's cord over shoulders
Getting ready for the new working week
Close your eyes and i will show you afocus :)
What could be better than discover world together?
Taking a little break from the work
Dad holding son on shoulders and granddad laughing
Gaining parents-son time
Necessary tool for organizing your wardrobe
They are very like humans
Carefree and happy
Fashion is my passion
Woman and mannequin
Take a picture of me like i didn't know you were going to do that
Mastering the art of looking nonchalantly beautiful
Taking care of disabled people
Dreamy and sleepy after intensive class
You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed
Peace and christmas vibes everyone
Don't be scared i'm right here
Calm and focused and ready to exercise
Let the colour in your life, it'll open your eyes and fill your heart with love
When you learn that your coworker is an ally too
Money suits us well
Man sitting on suitcase and woman leaning on man's shoulders
Smiling young woman holding vintage phone's cord over shoulders
Optimism as a lifestyle
Father has fun with his daughter and son
Great travelling time is waiting for us
Stretching arms and shoulders
I can always rely on him
Stretching arms and shoulders
Wooden clothes hanger
Long road to wealth growth
They look amazing together
It's getting a bit chilly
This is called fashion, baby, look it up
Thinking back to the moment i've spent half of my money on this outfit and still loving every single stripe
Hey, look at my brand new blue and black jacket!
Warm enough for a light jumpsuit, cool enough for a nice jacket is my favourite type of weather
Style is how we decide to wear things
Robots are more reliable than humans
Don't be scared i'm right here
Sometimes to make a statement you don't have to use words
Immensely proud to be a part of this wholesome community
Strolling around the city with my love
Why won't she listen to me!
Well, spiders aren't my favorite pets