Time And Date

Waiting for my love to come for a date
Time with my sweetheart is just the best
A photo to remember this moment with my piece of pie
Honey, you're looking just great today
Selfie at date time is a tradition
Date time and cupcake treat for us
Life is so colorful when i'm with him
Treating each other with tasty sweet things
Oh, these cookies must taste really great
Got out for a double date
Got out for a double date
Date starts from time to wait for partner
All that fancy and ready for great date time
Tea party for two is our time of time spending
Eye contact and a heartbeat - that's how it began
Love sparkles like for the first time
Love sparkles like for the first time
When i saw you i fell in love, and you smiled because you knew
Two girlfriends watching movie on tablet and wiping tears
Doing love shot with cookie is quite an idea
Here the list ends
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