User Male

Social network posts keeps me smiling
Man texting on the phone
How i couldn't seen this comment coming?
Man in headphones standing and watching something on his phone
When you found out that the new album has been dropped already
Didn't expect that result
Multitasking even during the running session
What a joy to meet you at last!
Hey, what are you talking about?
Shhh... you don't see me, okay?
No one is supposed to see santa
What seems to be the trouble?
Do you take any medicines?
Happy to know that you got well
What are your symptoms?
Today you look much better!
I warn you that smoking is bad for you
What? you forget to take your pills?
The captain of his own life
Kid girl trying if santa's beard is real
But kiddo, i don't have so many gifts
Kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Seems like i left without present this year
This year santa turned into grinch
Well, that's an interesting case
Hm.. that's an interesting case, you know
You're doing great
Let's check your lungs
Now breathe deep
Well, this deer toy looks quite nice
21st century business doing
So, i've made up my mind
Man in formal clothes talking on the phone
We're living in such a digital world...
We're living in such a digital world...
Mature man looking at his sport tracker with surprisement
Drowning in the digital world
Trying not to care what they say
Trying not to care what they say
Let me tell you something, man
He's been caught by surprise
Can you keep a secret?
Don't be late for your next appointment
First you will have to answer a few questions
You need to pass a medical check-up immediately
It's time for your physical check up, don't you think?
What? you forget to take your pills?
How are you feeling these days?
I'm listening to you very carefully
What seems to be the trouble?
Kiddo, are you sure you want this for christmas?
Well, santa looks tired a little
Little kid girl sitting on santa's knees
Wow, santa got me stuffed deer this year
Are you sure these all presents are for me?
Keeping santa's secret about presents
Well, i don't know what to say!
This part looks better this time
Mature doctor holding an x-ray
Hey that sounds interesting
Feeling that christmas time is almost here
Well, wasn't it supposed to be present for someone?