Woman Artist

Don't you dare to interrupt the artist
How about to have some fun?
Falling asleep in the middle of the cleaning means it's time to have a rest
Bet it would feel just great on the skin
And how could've we come to this point?
And pile of clothes keeps growing and growing
These cleaning tools have been working great
Gosh, this ironing time seems never to end
This damn iron won't work properly
Can't focus on ironing anymore
Spots and streaks stand no chance
Well, shopping therapy went quite well
No money left but i still wanna do some shopping
Wondering what did i buy there
Drowning in this musical dimension
Checking out those new songs
Young woman sitting on the table and listening to the music in headphones
I recommend you to try this hair brush
Young woman holding a bamboo toothbrush
Thinking about plastic pollution
Young woman holding reusable shopping bag with vegetables
Young woman holding shopping bag with vegetables and looking down
Old clothes recycling is a great idea
Old clothing to recycle
I choose not to damage the environment
Young woman holding leek onion
Young female farmer looking on green twig
Our planet is in danger
I hate plastic cups
Smiling young woman in bathrobe blowing a kiss
Young beautiful woman showing her fists
Shopping therapy is quite a cure for bad mood
Seems like it hasn't been washed for a long time
And could someone say that housekeeping isn't a work?
Pretty young housewife standing next to basin and smelling clothes
Thinking about all that cleaning i have to do
And i'm almost done with the cleaning time
Are you gonna work or what?
She's dreaming to get out of doing her chores
Spots and streaks stand no chance
Got few new items for my wardrobe
Well, how about another round of shopping?
Three is always better than one
Shopping is always an option for me
Oh, this music is so wonderful
Remembering good times with this music
This brush doesn't damage my hair
This eco toothbrush is amazing
She's a responsible consumer
I have found the best alternative
Smiling young woman holding waste paper
What to do with your old clothes? reuse them!
Old clothing to recycle
Young woman with a wooden water bottle
It feels good
Smiling young female farmer holding leek onion
Going to cook a wonderful lunch
Air pollution affects everything on the planet
Catchy young woman in bathrobe pointing up
Young woman in bathrobe standing halfsideways