Woman Artist

Don't you dare to interrupt the artist
Ready to fight
We share interests in music
Well, don't have a lot of thoughts on my mind
Well, it doesn't smell good a lot
It's almost time to have some lovely celebration
Yeah, i still have a lot of work to do
Realising that cleaning work is about to be finished
It's a moment where i need to stop and just have a rest
Well, how do you like my cleaning result?
Stupid iron burn!
Why i still iron my clothes instead of giving to a dry cleaning service
It's easy to clean glass surfaces now
I've done some real great shopping
Maybe, i still need to buy few more things?
Seems like i've exaggerated with amont of things again
I'm a real fan of shopping on black friday
Young woman sitting on the table and listening music in headphones
Forgot what i wanted to do
It feels amazing
She's a responsible consumer
I prefer natural materials
Young woman holding reusable shopping bag with vegetables
Young woman holding shopping bag and smelling a pepper out of it
Smiling young woman holding waste paper
Creative decision on how to use your old clothes
Young woman with a wooden water bottle
I choose not to damage the environment
Young female farmer holding plant
Young female farmer holding plant
Are you ready to take the challenge?
Let the music take you away
Taking a selfie to remember moment with my hon
Well, this cleaning time seems never finish
Oh, that looks familiar to me
Seems like it's right the time to take a break
Seems like it will never finish
Pretty young housewife sitting at the table and looking tired
Almost everything is washed and cleaned
I've got a pile of ironing and it won't do itself, will it?
It's difficult to touch a hot iron surface and not get burned
Streak free cleaning
Well, i've exaggerated a little bit this time too
Having just the best shopping time
Feeling myself so tired already
Well, is that all i've bought?
Such a sweet melody to have a dream
Taking a good care of my hair
This brush is exactly what my hair needs!
This brush doesn't damage my hair
Her choice is eco-friendly
Eco friendly alternative
Smiling young woman holding waste paper
Young woman holding shopping bag with vegetables and looking down
Old clothes recycling is a great idea
Old clothes recycling is a great idea
That's an eco friendly alternative to plastic bottles
Young female farmer holding leek onion
Young woman holding leek onion
Young female farmer looking on green twig