Woman Artist

Well, it's time to create perfect picture
A hobby to relax and show all my imagination
Drawing is quite my hobby to do
Sad young woman sitting with guitar in hands
Brainstorming with the coworkers
Collective brainstorming is a good idea
Guessing about all that road still to make
Pink is my colour
Gossiping with my squad
Female writer standing deep in thoughts
Writing down creative ideas
Attractive employee sitting at the table and eating an apple
Young employee sitting at the table and holding a cup of coffee
Do i look bad with this hairstyle?
Evening thoughtfulness
Young attractive worker holding her head down and touching her nose
Young girl working on a computer
Fruitful work brings not only results but also a back ache
Are you sure about what you're saying?
Young employee sitting at the table and holding a cup of coffee
Young girl working on a computer
Young woman working on the computer got distracted by something
Don't beg me, i won't fall under your spell
Young woman sitting at the table holding her head with an arm
It's right the time to get back to work
Yeah, there is something i've been working on
Attractive young worker looking aside
Always can rely on my colleagues
Welll, me and these ladies make just a great team
'cause we're stronger together
Just taking a minute to think over the ideas
Guess, it's time to start the artistic work
Thinking about what should i draw next
Every artist needs his muse
Better ideas always hit the collective mind
Creation involves team efforts
Ladies, any ideas what we can do about that?
When the conversation is going well and you are thinking about a thing to say to make it even more wholesome
Honey, don't forget to buy bread /smiling face emoji /smiling face emoji /send
Beautiful woman holding a notebook
Thinking of the day that passed
Got a little bit to think about, you know
Young attractive woman waving to the monitor
These latest fashion trends are quite interesting
Young woman sitting next to the table with the computer
Young worker sitting with her legs on the table and hands folded behind the head
A pleasant moment of my busy day
Young employee sitting at the table and holding a cup of coffee
Young attractive woman sitting at the table and clapping
Serious looking young woman leaning chin on her hands
Young woman sitting on the table touching her back
Enjoying time for myself
Young attractive woman meditating at the table
Guess, we need to correct something here
Young worker sitting at the table and 'opening' her eyes with hands
Worker taking a break enjoying her coffee
Well, we're ready to face the work day
Work time in the best female company ever
Yeah, work time was a huge success