Wonder Woman

Honey, why is it green? this color does not fit my blue-gray home style!
No, don't open it, try to guess what there's in the box
Wanna guess what i got you for christmas?
I wonder how much this bell pepper weights
I wonder if she notices if i put it back where it was and zip it up again
Literally money eater
Guess, it's right the time to take care of my hair
When your boss is hitting on you
When your boss is hitting on you
Beauty care time with nature ingredients
Relaxed beautiful dreaming with pears in her hair
Elegant and minimalistic look for today
Gonna take care of this little green plant
What a nice plants bouquet
Feeling myself so free and unbothered
Remember me as i am
It's just a perfect selfie time
Thinking about some decor ideas
Prickle is a great decor element
Thinking about some decor ideas
So much work to do that i wanna hide from it
Ivolved in some prof stuff
Seems like i need a break after studying
I even didn't know choosing t-shirt is such hard work to do
Taking those hard fashion decisions
Succulents are my favourites
They need love and care just the way we do
My kind of meditation
Elegant young woman sitting at the table
Plunt cultivation is my hobby
Reading got me pensive
Well, it's a tough choice
Well, it's a tough choice
Yeah, he does funny stuff sometimes...
Hm, but that's interesting
I wonder what exactly had been spilled here
The desk is all sticky
Giving a thought to possible look of the day
Hope she won't put this thing on her face every morning
Hope she won't put this thing on her face every morning
Focused on the work process
Working hard got me sleepy and exhausted
Pushing work efforts to the limits
Taking work stuff notes
Beautiful natural decor it is
Young woman in white dress holding a plant bouquet
Dreamy mood and just feeling in love
No missing calls
Thinking about some decor ideas
Looking kinda cute, huh?
Pickle is a good option for a decor
Will this be good for a decor?
Monday got me like this
After studying for few hours it's hard to stay focused
Playing with her hair
Picking up an outfit isn't easy thing to do
My green friend
I made a strange dish
Taking care of her green friends
How are you, my babies?
Сook, little pot, cook
In the world of colours and shades
Taking a minute and just relax