How about a kiss?
So let's play this adult game
Let's start my morning rounds
Hope, this surgical mask makes me look more 'doctorish'
I know that a real doctor should wear a surgical mask during his rounds
Well, surgical mask is the must to wear
Relax, everything is gonna be okey
So, how are we doing here?
Check up from a kid doctor
Don't say me you're not cheating, sis
Don't say me you're not cheating, sis
Young and daring
A blonde and a brunette
Two young women sitting together
Look, it's time for an adult conversation
Father building a pyramid together with his baby boy son
Wanna try it, you know
So, what seems to be the problem?
Don't worry, it won't hurt
So, i'm ready to my morning rounds
Don't worry, it's just a typical vaccination
He's just in doctor's character
Everything happens for the first time
Any complaints today?
He looks like a real doctor
That's a secret, don't tell anyone
Shh... don't tell anyone
You're my treasure
A blonde and a brunette
Hey, what are you talking about?
Being a decent functioning adult is much harder than i used to imagine