afro hair

When the joke is so cringy that your friends start considering disowning you
Enjoying company of each other
I'm already stressed here, you wanna make the situation even better?
And what if we change plan a little?
So, i was thinking maybe...
Is something wrong with my hair?
Let it be then, we've got nothing to lose
Let it be then, we've got nothing to lose
Who's the luckiest girl in the whole world, huh?
Wow, this is just unbelievable
Don't worry, stay positive, ok?
So far there's nothing i can do, so...
Feeling strong and powerful, like never
So what do we do?
One and only is on my mind
Don't be a grumpy, come here
In the end, it's not the worst idea, don't you think?
Yeap, everything is gonna be just good
Hello! i've been waiting for you!
Love is universal langauge
Young girl with unsatisfied facial expression holding her hand next to her chin
Chill out, boy, today is not your day
Don't come any closer
Yeah, i'm listening, sort of
Thumbs up for the weekend
No chance for you to get here
When you kinda mad and displeased at the same time
There's nothing i can do, it's just my mood today
Relax, take it easy
Whaat? don't talk to me like that
Yeap, there's nothing to do
Hmm, i wonder how the things are going
Moment of happy time spending with friends
Can't believe that this happened
It sucks, you know
It's outraged, don't you think?
Got a little bit sick of these stuff
Friends telling some seriously shocking news
Waiting for the apologies
Definitely not in the mood today
It's outraged, don't you think?
Now we're on a roll
When you trying to reach out to a friend when you're stuck in the coffee order line
Fuck you, i'm not in the mood
Hey, dear, i'm here!
Oh, you're not joking with me, right?
Sending you lot of love, lovely people
Let's make this photo quickly
Well, i don't quite understand
Let's rock this place, babes!
Can't believe she didn't stop herself from posting it
Young pretty girl smiling and holding her fist
Bunny is in need of love and hugs
Wait a minute, are you sure about what you're saying?
Sorry, you're saying what?
Oh, stop it, you're making too many compliments
Pretty young girl holding her hands aside and showing a tongue
Honestly, hun, i've stopped following you like five minutes ago
Remember when we were doing bunny ears in childhood?
Don't worry, smile and be happy