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Let's get prepared and do business
Well, let's talk serious here
C'mon, you were the one who assured me about this project
Ok, we need to give a closer look to this idea
Involved in some business thoughts
Man in black suit holding his hands in the pockets
To get real money, you have to act smart
Yeah, we should do that
Consider this business idea seriously
Interesting about business
Sometimes it's the best scent to wear
Let's not worry about anything and just party
Well, and no worries about future
Making enough money feels just great
Made profit to be unbothered later
Talking about business solutions
To be rich, you have to play money smart
Good-looking man standing in profile and pointing with hand
I like what you're saying
To be really rich, you have to be smart with money
Good looking man standing in profile and laughing
In good humuour for business affair
Dicussing work stuff
So, it's completely my responsibility?
A lot of work stuff to think about
With these ones life is so much easier
Not bothering about money feels good
Well, and no worries about future
Being sure about business feels awesome
Business things couldn't be any better