Look what i got, huh?
Pineapple treat anyone?
Victim of a stupid prank
Victim of a stupid prank
Thoughtful handsome young man
I can't believe it
I need you to solve this
Handsome young man with surprised look on his face
That's a failure
Shy young man hiding his face in a bunch of flowers
Reflecting on life
Sorry, i woke up just few minutes ago
When this day got you so exhausted
Man, i just woke up, i'm not ready to face the day already
I can't handle this anymore
Hey there, everything is gonna be alright!
Ananas is just great option instead of cake
Men cry too
Covering his face in despair
I can't believe it
Timid smile
Like my new haircut, huh?
Love flowers for my sweetheart
I don't feel like seeing people today
When words escape, flowers speak
Eyestrain headache
Eyestrain headache
I'm gonna do all my beauty morning routine today
Attractive young man standing in 'ready to fight' position
Handsome young one closing his face a little with a hand
I don't wanna listen to this anymore
Maybe you wanna talk to me?