Beauty Stock Photos

You are almost ready!
You are almost ready!
Makeup is art and i am its sad artist
Natural born makeup artist
She's proud of her first makeup session
I'm telling you guys, this lipstick suits me
Hey, look what i can do!
I look good, don't i?
Ready to create a masterpiece
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
Never tried any of these tints before so i'm pretty excited
That awkward pause when you suddenly lose a train of a thought for no reason in particular
Posing for the future video thumbnail
..and a bit of colour here-
Honey, are you sure about being makeup artist?
Makeup experiments are fun
I look good, don't i?
Well, i really know how to put makeup
Ready to try a new palette
This colour suits me better than my mom
This is not the palette i used for this look, but they sponsored me, so-
You know that feeling when you run out of lipstick
I don't 'do the makeup', i create art
..and a bit of the bright ones, for the open look-
Serving the muses bears no haste
Posing with a new palette before i mess it up
I need to know how it'll look like from all the possible angles
Here the list ends
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