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When i first saw it on the online shopping site i thought it was a denim jacket. no regrets though
Feeling pretty and confident
Welcoming a new day with a warm smile
This towel is so heavy, i constantly feel the need to hold it with my hands so it wouldn't fall off
I have a secret to share
I bought this toothpaste with 50% discount and i can absolutely assure you that brushing teeth has never been this satisfying
I wonder if bees think about us at all
Ugh.. hello morning
Can't believe i woke up before the alarm clock
Fresh, clean and full of positive thoughts
Feeling like a perfection
Taking care of yourself is hard work too
I prefer tea ins-tea-d of coffee
Cute and flirty
Living alone means you can organise a home spa only for yourself at 6 am and no one's gonna stop you
forget all the chores i was going to do, i'm spending this morning on myself
Thinking of the good day ahead
Slow dancing to the rhythm in my head
Drinking tea after shower on saturday morning and feeling like the happiest person on earth
I have a meeting at seven
I was pretty happy with my early awakening until i realised it was pm time
Now i know what cats feel when you groom them
I like getting up early so i could daydream whenever i want to while doing my morning routine
Feeling cute and content
Sudden memories
Trying new cosmetics is always super exciting
Morning is my favourite part of the day
Good morning vibes
Did you know that the toothpaste usage dates back to 3000 bc and the ancient egyptians were the ones who did it? thanks for contributing to my dental health, guys!
Another calm and lazy morning
My favourite part of the morning routinve
Good morning, new day, i am ready to meet you!
When you think about your life and all the memories turn out to be good
Hit by a sudden wave of memories
Clean and styled hair: +100 to your confidence level
The smell of vanilla pie from this cream is fantastic! the taste, on the contrary, didn't meet my expectations
Take care of yourself before you take care of others is my motto and i follow it with pleasure
Oh my, there's a dog on the street! a big and a fluffy one! ahh can't stop watching
Kinda awake, kinda asleep
Warm tea for warmth in the heart
My only problem for today is tea of coffee and as you can see i've already solved it
Self care time!
What do you mean i forgot to wind it up
Ohh a cup of nice hot tea, what can be better than this?
finding pleasure in little things like the nice sensations you get while combing your hair or the freshness of early morning is a super important and uplifting habit
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