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Exploring the outside things to get what's there
Taking a closer look on things there
Investigating is my passion
Paying attention to the time
Contemplating time goes by
Well, how about we take few photos?
Discovering things is a part of crime solving
Exploring to solve this case
Taking a good look on what might be out there
Feeling confident about opening this case
Trying my best in solving the case
This how detective's work day looks like
Trying to figure out things
Counting all the time to get full picture
Focusing at solving this case
Giving a thought to all these evidences
Giving a thought to all these evidences
Travelling with my best friend
Frosty morning walk for rosy cheeks
Well, i wouldn't mind to drink something warm in that place
Oh you're such a talker
Look there, i heard that house is haunted!
It's so nice to take a bit of fresh air on a beautiful winter day
Time flies when you're having fun
Two femaile friends making a selfie outside
Monitoring things that are happening
Style is kinda my profession
Taking a closer look to all these things
Fashion photography is my passion
How about a small photoshoot, huh?
Male detective looking into distance through binocular
Pretty young girl sitting at the table and holding red camera
Cigarette smoking is my favorite thing to do
Well, let's see what proofs do we have here
Investigating for the case
Looking for some clues that might be helpful
Doing my work at figuring out things
Ok, so we've got to solve this case
Well, and what do you think about that, huh?
A lot to think about when it comes to case solving
Seems like i have some clues about it
Chatting and laughing
I saw it with my own eyes, i swear!
Now let's go to take some hot chocolate, what do you think?
Time flies when you're having fun
Two female friends taking a walk in the fresh air
Look at that tree, isn't it beautiful?
Selfies with autumn leaves are essential!
Selfies with autumn leaves are essential!
Cozy autumn walks
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