Figuring out how it is
Studying is an intensive work to do
Seems like i need to get myself to study more
Paying attention to the time
Cigarette smoking is my favorite thing to do
Fashion photography is my passion
Taking a closer look on things there
Taking a closer look to all these things
Pretty young girl sitting at the table and holding red camera
It's never late to study
Coffee time
Coffee time
Look, it's snowing
Winter is coming
What can be better than a thick sweater and a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day?
It's time to get warm
Getting to the point of all it
Trying my best at studying
Young man adjusting camera
Contemplating time goes by
Investigating is my passion
Well, how about we take few photos?
How about a small photoshoot, huh?
Monitoring things that are happening
It's never late to study
Preparing for an exam
Preparing for an exam
Ready for cold days
My grandmother knitted me this sweater
Young woman wearing a thick beige sweater
I just want to be like that all day
Wrapped in my favourite sweater