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Cross-cultural communication
Cross-cultural communication
Sharing autumn mood and love with friends
Enjoyed picking all these vegetables
Enjoyed picking all these vegetables
She makes such a nuisance of herself
This new one is very sexy
What's going on here?
What the hell are you doing in your working hours
I believe in you
Creative duo
Just feeling good together
You are a total failure, you understand?
My patience is exhausted!
I think this can be a great solution of our problem!
Productive collaboration
What?.. playing games at work?
Should we be worried about that?
Focused on some work stuff
You've surprised me with this news
You should've been more careful with that!
I've been told a lot about you
Can i help you with your work?
In the middle of intensive teamworking
Can you believe what happened
When work is also a pleasant time spending
Involved in some case solving
When working together gives excellent result
I think this can be a great idea for a new project
I won't be late anymore, i promise
Mixing work and romance? why not?
Beautiful interracial couple holding a toy heart together
Autumn gives us amazing presents
Autumn gives us amazing presents
Fall brings us mood for warm and cozy meetings
It seems like she's hitting on me
What did i get myself into?
Look, i've tried to be helpful
You call that a report?
All this hard work has been ruined!
Trust and harmony
Two young coworkers in a casual office
Dancing for life
When your boss is mad at you
I think this can be a great solution of our problem!
Now let's move to another aspect of our conference
Don't let me down, ok?
Well, i'm not quite good with that
Boss today is not in the mood today
So, the past few weeks have been insane...
No rush needed, everything goes as planned
Man talking to a female colleague with surprised facial expression
You beter be careful with this, you know
I've been dying to tell you this
Partners who know how ta make business
Working and relaxing at the same time
Focused on checking important stuff
You won't believe your ears but...
So what do you think about our rate of business growth?
Yes, our business growth looks satisfying
The best adventure ever
Invading private space
Yes, that report is really interesting