black dress

Young beautiful afro woman
Young beautiful afro woman
Fruit-less breakfast is unhealthy and boring, take an avocado
Take a bite, don't worry, it's not poisoned yet
The taste of summer and carelessness
I simply love avocados
Avocado eyes!
Party snacks?
It's so hard not to give in
Here, take an ice cream. did i ask you whether you want it? right. now take it
Healthy doesn't mean boring
Best lunch ever
Hey, want some cold sugary milk in a cone-shaped waffle?
Cool down, baby!
Unlike the others, ice cream never fails to make me happy
Today for dessert we've got natural treat
Cooking healthy vegetable meal
But what if i make a smoothie out of it
Sometimes i think i love avocados too much
Let's have some avocados!
Checkered top, checkered skirt, checking you out, trying to flirt
In the process of making a healthy breakfast
Fr e sh a voca do vine plays in the background
When the person you waited the most finally shows up but all you have is avocados
Take a picture of me like i am one of those happy summer girls
Is liking the sound of the word guacamole a good enough reason to try and make it
Oh my god, i've found another half of an avocado in my fridge, i'm like a squirrel who keeps hiding treats in random places, but for no reason at all
Perfectly in half!
When i say that ice cream makes me smile everyone says 'aww', but i mean it for real, it makes me, please send help
Why do you all think that the same-sounding words 'ice cream' and 'i scream' is just a coincidence? wait, i'm gonna prove you wrong
Hey, anyone wants some ice cream?
Girl in white dress sitting at the table with pineapple on it
Tropical fruit as a snack is great
Here the list ends
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