black dress

Too many feelings
Aahhh i've finally got it!
The scent of the old memories
This cake, please
Nice news in a nice-looking package
I've got the whole world in my hands
This is what adventures begin with
This is too sweet, i'm not okay
Being appreciated feels amazing
Are you sure this is the shortest way
Dance with me, sing with me
Unbelievable, this place looks exactly like it does on the photo
Who would have thought the earth is that tiny
Just a few more days and the adventure starts!
Ready for the treasure hunting
My gosh, the legend was true, it actually does exist
And iii-e-iii will always love youuu
Well-deserved and long expected!
Kinda listening to you, kinda daydreaming at the same time
Seductive looking adult afro woman taking a selfie
Hey there who's been missing me
People need to see me smiling and shining
Let my song make you as happy as i am
I disagree with everything you've just said and here is why-
Let the fate choose where my next trip is gonna be to!
Sending salutations to everyone who hasn't seen my lately
I'm feeling good, so why not take a selfie?
And i'm on top of the world again
Gonna be looking good on the photo
Mood for today: a girl from the 80's band backing-vocal
Wait, what happened?
I'm finally ready to travel
Not the ones i actually wanted
Oh my god i live here!
When the letter from hogwarts is finally here
You won't find anything like me
Strong, beautiful and confident
Excuse me! do you know this place?
Can't believe i've finally found it! my hotel!
Whitney houston is my role model
You've got me interested, boy, keep going
I want to thank not only god but jesus-
This is where you can go with your opinion
Oh, this idea is actually pretty good!
Because i'm worth it
A vintage way of getting the news is my favourite one
What do you mean you don't know, you are the guide
I'm not gonna touch it unless you touch it first
Okay, let's see what they wrote me while i was away
Selfie isn't bad idea at all, huh?
Looking super good today for a pic
People need to see me smiling and shining
Not sure what i want but i want it now
I wanna hold these words as close to my heart as it is humanly possible
Sending salutations to everyone who hasn't seen my lately
When i'm in this silly mood, selfie is just needed
I'm feeling good, so why not take a selfie?
Oh, come on, this can't be the name of the real place!
Hope you'll notice me checking you out soon, i ain't gonna keep that pose forever
Truly enjoying what you do is an important step to self-harmony