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Wait, what happened?
These are two maps of the same city, why on earth do they give me the contradicting directions
Okay, so the map shows me how to get to this place in detail and the internet says that it doesn't exist
I knew you would be shocked
I knew you would be shocked
Shopping together is a lovely adventure
Young couple making a selfie
How did that message finish in the corporative group?
How did that message finish in the corporative group?
She's caught him red-handed
Together they can make all business dreams come true
Happy to work together
Can you keep up with me?
This is what i'm talking about
The selfiest selfie ever
She's exhausted
So tired
Talking to business partners
Productive business communication
Always in touch
This we have to do in a week's time
She always achieves her goals
That's all, i finished
Everything is under control
Take a look here, what do you think?
She never misses deadlines
A new day begins
Oh. my. god. he did w h a t??
Pensive young afrowoman holding laptop and bank card
This is the best news ever!
Like a squeezed lemon
Dreaming about future success
Okay, let's see what they wrote me while i was away
Is it me or their version of the route to the museum really does lie through the restricted area
Two gossiping machines
Two gossiping machines
Same-sex rivalry
Same-sex rivalry
Let's take another photo
I love his sense of humour
Can you keep up with me?
Work is where the internet is
So have you heard the joke about two hunters?
Five minutes before getting fired
Aren't you supposed to finish that report today?
They look wonderful together
That's all i could do
She's exhausted
Drained out of energy
What do you think of this new strategy?
Arranging business tasks
Young businesswoman sleeping at her workplace
Looking through her notes
That's all, i finished
Tired of talking all day
Concentrated on her goals
She's in a good mood today
Young businesswoman working at the computer
It started out with a kiss how did it end up like this
Need to invest money wisely this time
Oh dear, i didn't recognize you
Arranging business tasks
Emergency napping
Focused at work