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Giving this look a life
Being a fashion guru isn't easy
Now would look at things normal
Having the best time with friends
Having the best time with friends
Woman stretching a hand for a greeting
Different emotions after work day is finished
How about we get back to work, huh?
Well, we're ready to face the work day
It's right the time to get back to work
When we work together, it's always a great outcome
Work time in the best female company ever
Trying to figure how to save the day
Well, we have to cooperate in some way
Boss is always ready and full of energy
Seems like it's right the time to give ourselves a break
Elegant and minimalistic look for today
Really? you liked it too?
Got out for a double date
Got out for a double date
Woman holding dollar bills
Woman in blue shirt showing a bank card
Always can rely on my colleagues
Having the most serious intentions about this work time
Work time is about to get started
Working with friends is just top
Welll, me and these ladies make just a great team
Evaluating our efforts we've put in project
Evaluating employees' work results
We've worked really well girls, it's time to rest
Everyone reacts on it differently
Everyone thinking about work process in own way