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Moka and glass of water on the wooden tray, plant in pot, magazine, large cup of milk coffee and pitcher
Enjoying my morning tea cup
The week hasn't even started yet and i'm already so tired
When there is nowhere to rush
Could this go as an accessory?
Having a lot of thoughts on my mind
Thinking over once again is it worth it
A truly serene moment when the time has stopped
Posing is really my thing
Pensive young afrowoman holding money
Pensive young afrowoman holding money
Well, and what color would be great for kid for today?
Recollecting last night's adventures
I woke up like this
Young afrowoman holding green leaf
Getting sure is it enough for crazy shopping
Young afrowoman holding beige heels and money bills
Go green, save the earth!
The neighbours won't notice and i have a new friend now
Seductive looking adult afro woman taking a selfie
Looking super good today for a pic
The scent of the old memories
For me slow dancing is just my usual dance but at half speed
/blows a kiss with all her strength so you would feel the amount of my love to you/
Um excuse me what's that
A few smiles a day keep the doctors away
Hey baby, why so sad?
Tired of being rich
Mood for today: being disarmingly cute
You say money can't buy you happiness, i say give them to me and i'll prove you wrong in a day!
Enjoying those precious moments just for myself
Young afrowoman in bathrobe holding mug
I wish this moment could last forever
Could this go as an accessory?
Young afrowoman holding green leaf
Adore when the paycheck day arrives
Young afrowoman looking at baby overalls
When the familiar smell brings up those long forgotten sweet memories
Dreaming about great things to come
Let's get rid of some cash
Treated myself with new pair of shoes
You haven't heard anything
Who said morning routine can't be enjoyable
Forget about everything, it's daydreaming time!
Thinking about shopping plan
Thinking over once again is it worth it
Mom´s task is also about correct clothes choice
Join the resistance against the pollution!
Be smart, buy a plant
Sending salutations to everyone who hasn't seen my lately
People need to see me smiling and shining
Can't believe they sent it with no address or name on the envelope and yet somehow it got here, fantastic
I am super cute and i know it
Sometimes the joke is too good not to emphasize it with finger guns
Young black short-haired woman in a checkered top and a skirt, posing against a plain peachy background
Oh my my my
Feeling cute and flirty
I took my sunglasses with me 'cause baby your smile is bright like a sun
Two things i can count on in this world: myself and my money bills
Here, have a bit of my love