Handsome blond guy standing with a laptop in his kitchen
Spring vibes!
Young blond-haired man in a white bathrobe going about his morning routine
Ready to try a new palette
Ready to create a masterpiece
Ready to slay
This is my favourite colour
No look is finished without lipstick
Have you ever seen such beauty?
Serving the muses bears no haste
Makeup is my greatest passion
Let's hope my hand won't flinch
Yes? what can i help you with?
Welp, that was expectable
Don't disrespect me like that
Thinking about you
Have a dance with me
I don't 'do the makeup', i create art
Cold and beautiful like a marble statue
Just another day of a beauty blogger
Awake but at what cost
Join us, son
This would be so much easier if i had a mirror
What do you mean the colour palette is wrong?
I truly love my job and my clients
You wanna look good? i'll make you look good
Don't move, i want it to look perfect
My lifestyle is neat and minimalistic and suits my preferences perfectly
I'm listening to you carefully
Perfectly measured strokes of the hairbrush for a perfectly done hairdo
The beginning of the day
A sleeping cutie
Oh my, you are here!
Can't stop yawning
Smells suspicious but okay
Not sure where to start
I choose you
Enjoying the sensations
What are you looking at
..and a bit of colour here-
Posing for the future video thumbnail
Work can wait, i'm not going until i've finished
Ugh, seems like the hair got tangled again
Cold, collected and ready to start working
Today's mood is softness and cleanliness
I am upset, this alarm clock makes me upset
Wait, what was that sound?
Focused on the success
I'm sexy and i know it
You said somethin'?
Makeup is art and i am its sad artist
I have no message whatsoever, just have a good day whoever you are
Or maybe i should have a bit more chocolate first?
Good morning everyone except the person who invented waking up before 9
Your babe will never look this good
Sport is life
Looks good so far, now to the next step
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
Ready for a nice workout
In the process of morning skin moisturising