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Looking at the day ahead
Beautiful young man with long blonde hair
Hi there!
Calm and serious look
Guess who
I'm not hiding my identity anymore and you'll have to get over it
Don't mind me casually being an ally here
Proud, beautiful, confident and ready to defend our rights
Truly happy to be who i am and support those who are still in the process of getting there!
This is my position and you can't change my mind
Spread the love, stop the hate
I'm listening to you carefully
Ugh, that thin line between looking confident and looking grumpy, and to think i thought the work itself was gonna be the hardest part!
So, let's start our presentation
Mom, i'm working, i'll call you back later
One more call from this customer and i'm quitting, one person can only take so much
They are not on speakerphone, i'm just tired of listening
Being social active nowadays is difficult
Well, i was about to write something
Don't get at all what should i do about that
Young guy holding phone and seems like not understanding something
Young man holding phone and looking aside
Well, we should figure something out about that
Perfectly measured strokes of the hairbrush for a perfectly done hairdo
Ok-kay, it should be alright if i just slowly pull it back-
So, what can you say about the current political situation in our country?
It got stuck and won't let go, this hairbrush is a part of me now
When you feel sick but should be strong and independent
Inside my thoughts i`m lying on the beach
Thinking about all those fashion decisions
Smile is a precious gift
Charming smile
Feeling tired
Looking concerned
Morning mood
Proud to be here supporting my brothers, sisters and all the others standing for their rights
In case you haven’t noticed, i’m an lgbt supporter. i’m a part of their community. i don’t fit in in yours. and i don’t want to fit in.
If you have any problem with my identity, it's your problem, not mine
Instead of a thousand words
Happy and proud to be a part of lgbt+ community
Look closely. this is who i am and you have to deal with it regardless what you think about it
Better than you
A few more minutes of this meeting and i'll start taking selfies or something, this boredom is killing me
My phone is turned off, i'm just good at pretending and being lazy
I have no idea what they're talking about but we're already too deep into the conversation for this confession
Weird. i don't remember buying it
Seen, seen, not interested, seen-
Got to hear all the latest news from friends
When conversation is giving you a hard time
Guessing about proper response to this
Young guy holding smartphone
Guess, you can call me tech addicted
Makeup gives me confidence and doing my hair helps me to relax and just feel the moment
Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when i was young
Ugh, seems like the hair got tangled again
Not sure where to start
Wait-wait-wait, don't move, i need to fix a few details
Don`t look at her, she is waiting for her girlfriend
Close your eyes and i will show you afocus :)
Young man wearing a black suit and a kippah praying
Young man wearing a black suit and a kippah praying