Feeling comfortable in my body
Feeling comfortable in my body
Does this dress actually suit me or do i make myself think so because it's at 30% discount?
Treating myself because i deserve it
What do i do next i've never went this far before
In the process of morning skin moisturising
Keeping yourself beautiful at all times is a hard but rewarding work
Smells suspicious but okay
I wonder if they'll notice if i take a little bit for myself
What do you mean i shouldn't spend so much time on myself??
It's so cold here!
Have a dance with me
If you wanna get me interested you'll need to try harder than that, baby
-and then we're gonna put the second layer of the face mask on, stay tuned and learn my secret technique for the better results!
That moment when you put a new cool face mask on and are waiting for the immediate result
The more beauty products i buy the more of them i need, what is this magic?
Why should i choose between these two if i want to use both?
I've been standing like this for half an hour already, but i'm too indecisive to make a choice
Reading instructions is an important step when using a new product, do not neglect it
Honestly, there's no practical reason to buy a cream for your chest skin, but it smelled of chocolate pudding and i am a weak man, you know
Here the list ends
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