I can't get any cuter
And now turn left...
Wow! i've just passed the level
It's important to complete the mission
Boys and their toys
One, two, three... done!
Focused on the game
Finally i did it!
And now turn right...
Oh, no!
Don't get scared, i'm terrified myself
Grab the rope and hold it tight
It's so nice and so sweet, and i'm excited
Alpha, alpha... radio check
Surrender or i'll shoot
And now turn left...
That's the win!
Just have to keep moving
How can i get past this creature?..
I gonna win
It's a tense moment
Just have to keep moving
Oh, yes!
Cute boy playing video game
I kinda can touch it for real
Not sure i'm doing this task right
I know it's not real, but i see it so clearly
Gaming on the next level
Ready, aim, fire!
It looks so real...