Buy today to be wealthy tomorrow
Shop until you drop
It's time for a new wardrobe
Shopping time is my favorite thing to do
What can i say? shopping has always been my passion
Wondering what did i buy so much
I've bought everything i've needed, right?
How much money did you spend shopping?
So, what do we have here?
Counting the amount of gifts i have to buy this christmas
Using flowers' language to express my feelings
Young guy giving flowers to his older partner
Young asian woman looking distracted while doing online shopping
Young asian woman doing online shopping
Calculating if we could afford this
Money can't buy happiness?
Now there's no need to look on the price
Stop folding paper dollars, get in contact with the real money
Guessing about do i need more clothes
Well, how about another round of shopping?
Always buy two things when i can't decide
Well, is that all i've bought?
Maybe you should have told me you were going to buy a car!
Good looking old woman talking
Thanks a lot but roses aren't really my favorite flowers
Showing my love and appreciation
I feel like i've forgotten to buy something
Young asian woman looking distracted while doing online shopping
How is that i can't buy it?
Thinking about whether should we buy it or not