With Beard

What a faux pas!
I am warning you for the last time
Hey, i'm just fooling around here
Don't you dare come near me!
Give me your word you won't do that again
You can do better, man
I'm as strong as an ox
Holy cow!
Dancing with you is wonderful
Serious looking old professor standing with his hands folded
Laughing mature professor holding his glasses
Serious looking aged man holding tablet with both hands
Looking doubtful aged man holding phone
Good looking aged man holding man
Aged man holding phone and looking aside
Well, nice talking to you, old man
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
Sorry, i don't think i can help you
And there i was, carrying a banner...
What a sweet grandpa... or it just seems so
That's one of those 'oh my god' moments
You have no chance of getting out now
Santa claus sitting with hands on his stomach
Oh my goodness!
Our love is like fine wine...
Feeling quite serious when thinking about science
Mature professor adjusting his eyeglasses
Aged man holding ipad and pointing on it
Aged man talking on the phone and looks involved in conversation
Aged man smiling and talking on the phone
Aged man using tablet and looking bothered