People Stock Photos: child girl

You are learning very fast
I can play on my own while my mom is busy
I love playing with a slinky
We are walruses!
Mom, this gadget is awesome
Let's watch your favorite cartoon
Learning new things with mom
Happy family time
Let's see what we can do with it
Having fun with mommy
That's my favorite color!
Who is that, dear?
Playing and learning at the same time
Playing and learning at the same time
Look what i have here!
Look what i made, mom
Yeah, i like this candy, thanks
Reading book with grandparents is even more interesting
How lovely is that cartoon
Kid girl trying if santa's beard is real
Kid girl whispering something on santa's ears
Grandparents looking at each other while her granddaughter playing with toy
Grandparents got their granddaughter a christmas gift
Seems like i left without present this year
Thumbs up for holidays!
Grandparents and granddaughter sitting at the table while wrapping gifts
Grandparents and granddaugher wrapping presents
Signing postcards is part of winter holidays too
Cute little girl standing and smiling
This is a modern princess dress
Some people are just too busy
Mom is busy and i'm busy too
Lovely mother-daughter time
Exploring the digital world with mom
How is that called?
Let's watch your favorite cartoon
Let's choose this one!
Young mother and a little daughter
I want to be like my mom in everything
Your drawing is wonderful
Young mother and little daugher playing
Mommy, is that you?
Grandmother and granddaughter writing a letter to santa together
Playing with mom is my favorite thing
Little kid girl and santa sitting together
I've asked you for a doll, not for xmas candies
How beautiful, dear!
Exploring the digital world with mom
Quite enjoying this sweet treat
What do you want for christmas?
Grandparents got me what i've really wanted to
Arguing about who got the present
Well-well, no present for me, i guess
No, gift we're wrapping isn't for you
Grandparents and granddaughter wrapping gifts
Grandpa putting christmas decor on granddaughter's hair while they wrapping presents
Gosh, seems like these postcards will never finish
Kid girl crying and santa showing thumb up
Look at my cute outfit
Wow, santa got me stuffed deer this year