Profession Stock Photos

Me at work
Your local computer master. call me
An asian teacher in a checkered suit, a tie and a book in his hand, working with the class
Concentrating on the success
Quit staring martin i see you
Looking at your work before it's finished is for losers
Oh, that's really surprising
Wondering how to get all settings right done
What kind of thing is going on
I've never been this concentrated on reading than in these five minutes before the final exam
Gonna try my photo artist skills
Really interested how does this thing work
Using old fashioned metods to get the best shots
When you hear your cat trying to open the door to your room but you don't have a cat
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Who is that fool who dared to interrupt my reading during the finals week
Focused at ttaking the best shot
Set and ready for the photo shot
Trying to understand the camera settings
Taking a close look on the photo object
Retro style shots are my favorite
Figuring out this camera settings
Adjusting camera lens
Story writing process in action
You gotta be kidding me. a real study on the correlation between the name of one of the biggest tech corporations of modern times and a bible story about a fruit??
Struggling for the ideas
Working on nice piece of art
Looking for hidden sense here
Couple sitting at the table and discussing photocamera
Working on nice story together
How interesting..a cooling fan
An asian teacher in a checkered suit, a tie and a book in his hand, working with the class
Caught in thoughts
Show me where i asked
I have smashed my controller and i will be the one who will fix it
I'm experiencing complicated feelings listening to your answer, but please continue
Young man adjusting camera
Excuse me, what does it say??
Is it really impossible for you to keep silence even for five minutes while i'm talking?
Well, if something, i told them that i am a programmer, not a repair specialist
Settings thing is important too
This is just ridiculous! i understand that this is a kids fantasy book, but it's against all the physical laws!
Someone keeps distracting me and i have no idea who it is but they are about to regret it
Photography is about to know to catch a perfect shot
Trying to catch a good shot
Smile, i'm gonna take a picture
No book helped me to find the right answer, so i have no other choice but to ask you straight: why are you like this
Gonna take a closer look on photos
Young man holding a vintage camera
Photos look quite good
Photo making process got me pensive
Concerned with camera settings
Vintage camera is the best to make photos with
Exploring things for second sense
Working together on the novel
Team work in action
Lack of creative ideas
Talking about photo art
Working on a story together
Writing a novel requires team creative thinking