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Talking about architecture stuff here
Talking about architecture work stuff
New building project discussion
In the middle of architect work day
Talking about architecture work stuff
Talking about new buildings would be like
He's used to operating power tools
Seriously involved in work
Inspecting the construction site
With such modifications it's impossible to get it done on time!
Look, everything is almost ready!
Are you sure it will work out?
Look, these changes are necessary
Here is our revised and updated plan
Trust me, i'm a professional
Trust me, i'm a professional
Thanks for your work!
Stop, you're on the spot, man!
Guys, let's call it a day
I've just told the boss that everything's is ready
There's the place we shall surround with traffic cones
How many cones do we have here?
Now i have to measure a certain distance...
That's the best jackhammer i've ever worked with
Get a bit closer!
Well done, man!
Come up, please, i've got something to ask you
Stay away from the danger area!
Too noisy? sorry, get some patience, please
His work can be noisy and physically demanding
Focused on the architect work process
Talking about architecture stuff here
Exchanging ideas and thoughts about architecture stuff
Architects talking about new projects
So, we have no options at all?
Deciding buildings fate with the colleague
We achieved everything we wanted
Interracial female and male engineers discussing some work stuff
Please, stop it and let's have a serious conversation
Look, i know what i'm doing
I hope you appreciate this
She's consulting with everyone who have a hand in the project
Here is our revised and updated plan
Good to see a happy customer
This pipe is broken, could you fix it, please?
I've been working all day long... this is the price for everything
Always happy to see a grateful customer
Get closer, here's the place for unloading of the stuff
Get ready for unloading of materials
Truck is coming, we're ready to unloading of materials
Road worker daily routine
I'm proud of being a construction worker
The passage is temporarily closed
Look, isn't it just great?
Stop there!
Tell our ganger i need more cones
It's always a pleasure to work with professionals
Please, choose another way, repair work ahead
Unforgettable echoing sound of a jackhammer
Road worker repairing a pavement