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Modern classroom design
Modern classroom design
Blackboard mockup
Mom, just a few minutes more, ok?
Showing good results during the class
And what should i write here?
Got distracted a little bit
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Gaining knowledge is a hard work
Did teacher say something?
Impressed with some digital stuff
Peace everybody!
What a rapid change
Immersed in the fantasy dimension
Reading attentively book for school
It's such a cool stuff
Head in the clouds
Hmm, what should i write here
Old style american classroom
Old style american classroom
Got something on my mind, you know
Reading is my passion and source of info
Please behave yourself in my classroom!
So much material to cover
Little schoolgirl looking thrilled about new digital tablet
Prepared well, so now can shine with a knowledge
Think it's time to take a break
This is my favourite subject
Dreaming about holidays to come faster
Enough studying for today
Young mind full of knowledge
Focused on doing homework
I've been studying too hard
Thinking about what to do after homework
Here the list ends
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