Shh... i can't talk, i'm at work
Alluring treatment
It's time for your physical check up, don't you think?
Ready for a new working day
Do you want me to tell the truth?
Your health indicators look completely fine to me
Healthcare apps become more and more popular nowadays
What brings you in today?
What seems to be the trouble?
Happy to know that you got well
How much alcohol do you drink, if any?
How are you feeling these days?
Take these pills regularly
What seems to be the trouble?
You're doing great
Keeping in contact with patients
Attractive female doctor holding some pills
Just a basic health examination
At the end of a productive working day
Establishing a diagnosis
Well, that doesn't look bad
Female hands holding a digital tablet
What brings you in today?
Do you take any medicines?
What? you forget to take your pills?
What your diet is like?
Good health is the best wealth
Mature doctor at work
Everything is going well, as i see
Hm... what is that sound?