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Stay still please, you are such a cutie
They look alike in some way
I always hated dogs
I'll be as gentle as i can
This little fluff needs a special vaccination
Ready for a full check-in
Attractive veterenarian ready to examine a spitz
Let's mend your paw, honey
Ready for a full check-in
Let's check your heartbeat, sweetie
Heartbeat is normal
You're such a cutie, don't be afraid
Let's see what's bothering you
I adore my little patients
So, that's what we look like
Please, don't hurt my doggie
Please, don't hurt my doggie
It doesn't look too bad
Seems like we should take some care of it
It looks like you just want to play hooky from work
There's nothing to worry about
Stop it, there's nothing wrong you
Doctor, this headache just driving me mad...
Your blood test shows you are low in some minerals...
Doctor, i`m a baby girl, could you turn me again into a man?
They are clearly enjoying each other's company
Give me a paw, honey
When you love your job...
Please lie still and don't be scared
Please, take away this thing, it scares me
Injections are needed, sweety
Don't be afraid, honey, it's just simple injection
He's such a cutie, isn't he?
Please sit still, i'm listening to your heartbeat
I can't see any problem, doggie
Professional and caring
Focusing on pulse examination
My fluffy patient is so tender and obedient
Ready for a full check-in
My adorable fluffy patient
I can't hear anything bothering
Let's check your lungs, ok?
I can't hear anything bothering
Doctor, should i worry about something?
Your blood pressure seems normal
You seem to recover rather quickly
I can see that you are absolutely healthy
Doctor, my head is kind of spinning...
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