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Young caucasian man holding tennis racket close to his face
Young househusband holding mop and in another hand phone close to his mouth
A me moment
I've only had two hours of sleep this night and i've never been so close to a murder
The shiniest prize for the prettiest winner
I am the best and now i have the proof
I've got what i deserve
You wanna have this? you'd better keep these thoughts to yourself
Close your eyes and feel the world around you
Becoming one with mother nature
Close your eyes, let the feelings speak
Hey, look what i've got!
Oh yes, the long-awaited recognition
I mean, the prize is mine and that's what matters, right? it's absolutely unimportant whether i won it or bought in the local kids store
No one's gonna touch you but me, little one
Getting warmer in the company of my love
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