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Grandparents and kid girl granddaughter eating cookies with eyes closed
And what should i write here?
On weekends i wanna sleep and play, not study
Being with her makes me happiest in the world
Drained out of energy
And who did well today, huh?
Looking for work inspiration
I wish i could rest a little now
Heaven delight
My precious baby boy
Oh i'm so sleepy today
Different emotions after work day is finished
We've given a start to new life, isn't it beautiful?
Can't be grateful enough for what i have
I've got everything i need in my life
So finally i've married this beautiful lady
Everyone thinking about work process in own way
Dreaming about beg ballet constantly
Don't bother me, i'm working hard here
It's all making sense if she's by my side
It's worth living for moments like these
Looking through fingers
Morning stretching when you still kinda sleepy
Early mornings are like that
Dancing to the music...
Girl eating a cupcake
Girl eating a cupcake
Getting warmer in the company of my love
Honey, you're making me smile every time
I've got the most precious thing of my life
Groom kissing his pregnant bride's belly
Young attractive employee holding a cup of coffee and touching her neck
Everyone reacts differently to a stress
Here the list ends
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