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All i want is to sleep more
Just a turtleneck and sweatpants, and you?
Blocking out the haters
Y'all make me sad
Close your eyes and feel the world around you
I can't explain what i'm feeling
As an introvert i need some quiet moments with myself from time to time
All around me are familiar faces worn out places worn out faces
Oh no, the invisible ninjas are chopping onions again!
No matter how busy you are there's always time to have fun
Water and vodka sound so similar, everyone could mix them up by mistake, for example, me, for example, not by mistake
Maintain your water balance, kids
Young afroman cleaning face with cotton pads
Taking care of face skin
Looks like my skin really needs a deep clean
Turning face beauty routine into a ritual
Music got me so addicted
Wish i could have a little bit of rest
Feeling relaxed and sleepy in a soft morning glow
I mean, i'm already late so what's the point in rushing
Sleeping while shaving may not look like the best idea but i've never been known for best ideas
Shower: done, shaving: done, moisturizing: done, feeling perfect: in a process
You used to call me on my cell phone
Some memories can physically hurt you
If i wanna sleep i will and you won't be able to stop me
Time to forget about everything and feel the sunlight softly caressing your face
Oh no, that's so funny, i forgot to go to work again
There's no "me" in "working today", but there is "me" in "time to daydream" and i think it's important
Enjoy the silence
My family and friends say i should stop overreacting but i can't hear them exhaling dramatically over the hand covering my face
One of those days
Haven't had this much fun in years
This doesn't look like water
Did you too think it was a cabbage on the preview
Young afroman cleaning face with cotton pads
Can't skip face cleaning routine
Looks like my skin really needs a deep clean
Feeling music running in my veins
Dance like nobody's watching
Lost in warmth and a feeling of comfort
A moment of serenity before the start of the new day
Pros of waking up early: plenty of time ahead, no need to rush, watching nice sunrises; cons of waking up early: this
Ahh a moment to myself..i needed it
Here the list ends
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