closed laptop Stock Photos

Messy workplace
Closed laptop on white desk
Half-closed laptop
Your perfect modern helper
Young caucasian man holding laptop
Nice, collected, positive and ready for the new day
A short break to settle mind
Don't say i didn't warn you
Feeling such a relief after doing all the work
Yeah, a good walking around would be just great right now
Enjoying music in headphones
Closed laptop on the beach
Closed laptop on the beach
A female doctor looking at a sphygmomanometer
A female doctor looking at a sphygmomanometer
Stay connected wherever you go
Closed laptop on a table
Sometimes a simple smile from your boss can be a much better motivation than a half an hour pep talk
A confident boss radiating positive vibes is what the office needs the most on monday morning
Look at that, this laptop is awesome!
Do you want to go on vacation with me?
Work is done, guess i deserved a little bit of break
Enjoying music in headphones
Work can be productive and satisfying at the same time
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