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I shouldn't have said that...
I'm such a scatterbrain today!
How could you possibly think such a thing?
Good lord, what have i done?
What did i do wrong?
What did i do wrong?
I'm feeling a little bit confused
Stunned aged client looks not contenetd with haircut
Stunned aged client looks not contenetd with haircut
'ah, it's so complicated'
That's how it's going
What shall i do now with all these news?
Well, i don't know what to say...
What a misfortune!
Do you reall think it will work out?
It's good that you called me before it was too late
It's the worst day in my life
Well, it doesn't sound very good
I'm such a scatterbrain today
Please, stop yourself there
Who is that on the picture?
Look, i'm not gonna say it again
Goodness gracious!
Talking about life time buddies
Don't tell me we have some problems here
Realising something went wrong in the middle of the process
Friend is really good at joking
Discussing all these things that i really don't wanna to
To be honest, it's my first day of work so...
What is it all about?
Enjoying the conversation with olf friend
Are you being serious about that?
Can someone give me an explanation, huh?
Oh gosh, i completely forgot about it
Gosh, these first days of school make me so confused
Oh. my. god!
Oh. my. god!
Seems like she's not fan of marriages
Don't you forget about our agreement, ok?
Young man tangled in wires
But we've gotta to solve this somehow?
Young teacher explaining something at the whiteboard
Oh, i wish there was something i could do
I have no words!
What's there?
Oops, i might have said something i shouldn't
Are you sure that you know how to do it?
What is it all about?
Why is it so expensive? excellent service is never cheap!
Well, and what do you want me to do?
Please, stop yourself there
I totally lost sight of it
Confusing situation
Listening to all these long talks
Arguing over the telephone would be like
I really don't understand you
Men are just as likely to gossip as women
Men are just as likely to gossip as women
What have i done
I don't understand what's going on there
What? are you kidding me?
Talking about all these work things
It's so great to hear from old friends again
Wait, what?