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Husband and wife fun time
Pensive handsome male artist holding brush
Guessing about all these ideas to be involved
Thinking about possible new ideas
Involved in artistic thinking process
Have some ideas on my mind
Gonna try myself at cooking
Guessing what could it be
Paperwork is the thing of the past
At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet
Busy lifestyle
Busy lifestyle
Try this amazing piece of technology
I have something to blog about
Ideas keep coming
Great architecture getting created here
Trying my best at work
Architects shaking hands
Discussing possible way of realizing this
Making small steps to realizing architecture ideas
Building construction isn't easy
When big fail is following you
Before build something, you've gotta try it on practice
When you're not satisfied at all with what your colleague is doing
Sharing opinions about new project
And how do you like that idea?
Discussing new drawings' samples
A quick break from project creating process
Creating new architecture projects
Thinking about how to get ready for christmas
Thinking that this gonna be just great
Thinking about what picture to create
Gonna work at real mastepiece here
Giving a thought to all these ideas
New masterpiece is about to be created
Working hard to create something new
Making pastry dough
Trying to be creative about cooking
Paperwork is the thing of the past
I have something to blog about
Morning news
Keep in step with the times
When inspiration strikes
He has everything he needs for his work
Trying to find the best solution
Guessing about new ideas to create
Trying on practice these ideas
It's beginning of new fruitful partnership
Talking about improving it
Deal is done and everything is set now
Giving this construction a life
Architects sitting at the tablet and holding tablet
Architects teamwork in action
Discussing work stuff with colleague
Wishing successful cooperation from now on
Well, i must say i like your point
Talking about architecture with the colleague
Oh, i didn't expect it to be ready so fast
Architecture masterpieces get created this way
Architecture masterpieces get created this way
Architecture masterpieces get created this way