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Come at me, bad physical shape i am ready to fight
You said somethin'?
That moment when you put your headphones on and someone starts talking to you immediately
Does anyone know what to do with those things
Ready to pursue my goal no matter what
I am cosplaying as a goddess of fitness
Exercising can be fun too!
Ready for a nice workout
Hey, look what i've got!
I look funny in the reflection
No one's gonna touch you but me, little one
I mean, technically it's not mine, but the main question here is not who's gonna allow me to take it but who's gonna stop me from doing so
The shiniest prize for the prettiest winner
I can take it home? like, i won it? for real? wow
I prefer playing in the headphones as i don't want anyone cheering me up except for freddie mercury
Bold of you to assume that this bottle contains water
Focused on the success
In a mood for some aesthetically pleasing drama
Running away from my problems to the rhythm of my favourite soundtrack
Join us, son
Sport is life
Don't you dare to interrupt my attempt to become a bodybuilder
Now, when you've realised that playing with me is way harder than you imagined, who's next?
Oh my, i wasn't ready, what do i do with that?
I've got what i deserve
You wanna have this? you'd better keep these thoughts to yourself
I mean, the prize is mine and that's what matters, right? it's absolutely unimportant whether i won it or bought in the local kids store
Wait, who is the winner? me? no way
I am the best and now i have the proof
The game is on