Crying Stock Photos

Today pink is my mood
Girl crying with an expression of disillusion on her face
Feeling of despair
Total failure
Total failure
You were supposed to get it done yesterday!
You know how many times i told you to put two spoons of sugar in my coffee, not one!
I shouldn't have shown her that sad video
What did i do wrong?
What did i do wrong?
Sorry, i should have known better
I just can't hold my tears while watching this
This year santa turned into grinch
Kid girl crying and santa showing thumb up
Oh no, the invisible ninjas are chopping onions again!
Oh no, if only i could've fixed it somehow
A fat man is about to cry
Dear lord, it'so frustrating
Young beautiful woman holding digital tablet
I'm tired
Failed breakfast
Failed breakfast
Why she's crying and how can i stop that?
A lover's quarrel
Oh no, i spoiled everything
Crying of happiness
Yes, now tell me that you're just friends
I got something in my eye
Kid girl sitting on santa's knees and crying
Blocking out the haters
I could've spent this time on something useful like sleeping or crying or maybe even both
Oh no, if only i could've fixed it somehow
Sad young overweight man closing his face with hands