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Moment of happy time spending with friends
Showing new funny stuff from the internet to friends
Doing gardening is my favorite thing to do
Yeap, definitely a masterpiece
Got distracted a little from the work
Selfie is needed when you're working at office
Discovering summer city with my love
Summer means a lot of walking around
How work is going there, sweetheart?
Hugs and kisses before going on trip
Great travelling time is waiting for us
Man sitting on suitcase and woman leaning on man's shoulders
When you have to do a million of tasks
Cross-cultural communication at its finest
Cross-cultural communication at its finest
Good looking interracial couple
Good looking interracial couple
Enjoying company of each other
Doing an evlauation of these vases
Doing my best for home decor
Feeling myself like a true artist
True work day when you can't gett off the phone
Controlling watch settings
Strolling around the city with my love
Interracial couple standing side by side
Still can't realize that it's vacation time
Vacation vibes are calling us
Discovering world with my man
Style is how we decide to wear things
Who said studying is boring?
It´s time to enjoy vacation
It´s time to enjoy vacation
This is my jam