Wedding Stock Photos: brunet

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Trying my man's charm on the ananas first
Trying my charm on the pineapple first
Can't wait to give my wifey a kiss
Ananas anyone?
Will you be my wife?
Feeling so happy on her engagement day
Weighing up the pros and cons
Now it's decided
Will she say "yes"...?
Marriage proposal
She said "yes"
One of those moments that you remember all your life
The greatest surprise in my life
Marriage proposal
She asked, and i said "yes"
With him i can conquer the world
Feeling quite serious about this day
Having just a time of our life
Wedding photos must be just great
Story of our life starts right here
So happy that gonna spend my life with this man
Funny marriage time we're having
Having this man by my side is all i've ever wanted
It's done with papers, we're officially married now
Not classic but still funny and fancy
Groom and bride at sweetheart table
Now a kiss!
Ananas healthy treat for newlyweds
Words can't describe what i feel for her
I've been waiting this day forever
Ananas instead of wedding cake anyone?
Pineapple treat anyone?
A lot of efforts are needed to conquer woman's heart
Ananas is just great option instead of cake
Changing roles
One of those moments that you remember all your life
Popping the big question
She said "yes"
Now it's decided
Think twice before making an important decision
They both know the answer
Marriage proposal
Popping the big question
Young beautiful couple standing together
Will he say "yes"?
Last final touches before the big moment
Kinda trying to hide the nervousness
Having best and the most serious intentions about today
Definitely not a typical marriage ceremony
Funny time at the wedding we're having
Funny newlyweds time we're having
Groom and bride standing close to each other and almost kissing
From now on and forever we're gonna be together
Let this pineapple be another witness of our marriage
Making photos for a self-made wedding album
Cutting the ribbon of married life
You are my today and all of my tomorrows
Family from now on and till forever
Let's our marriage start proper way
Can't believe that i'm getting married