defending Stock Photos

A fat man holding tight plate of cookies
Defending one's fleet in xxist century is just as hard as doing so in the xixth one
Come 'ere, let's talk
Today we are serving looks
Is my moustache fake? maybe. are you allowed to laugh at it while i'm having this axe? i don't think so
Let's not play blame game here
Let's not play blame game here
This is gonna be an axetraordinary battle
Battle cry
Coming for you
A plus-sized man in white with a horned helmet on his head, holding a double-bladed axe
Stay away! you touch me and i will touch you with this!
A fat man with cookies turning away from someone
Look, i've tried to be helpful
Anything is a weapon if you try hard enough
I spent a night designing this and i'll bite your fingers off if you touch it
Get ready to die ingloriously from a plastic axe from a children store
Are you ready to fight? i am ready to fight
Take that, enemies!
Let's get serious
Yeah, boxing can help you in some cases, but boxing with an axe? i am invincible
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