Sorrowful beautiful woman is about to cry
A man in a white shirt and tie
Please! stop!
Let me go..please!
What was that?!
Do you think you hurt me? marry me and you will know a true pain!
Now you pissed me off!
Beautiful tied woman standing with eyes closed
Now i have to go doing manicure again
Please, god! let it end!
A frontal view of the beautiful cute girl with hands tied and looking behind the camera
Man sitting on a chair
Man sitting on a chair
Im tired of this game, honey...wanna play cowboys as usual?
I dont know for how long i can stand
A frontal view of the sexy young woman with tied hands and looking to the camera
A three-quarter side view of the beautiful tied woman witj a blood on the face
What do you gonna do with this thing?!
Where am i?
I feel so confused...
A frontal view of the sexy praying woman with hands tied
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