People Stock Photos: caucasian woman

Distracted from the outside world
Young woman working on the computer got distracted by something
Please, take a look at this drain
Figuring out what to do is quite hard
Well yeah, talking a lot isn't our kind of thing
Well, it's how we're communicating these days
Behind the scenes of any clothing workshop
Attractive young worker looking aside
Don't talk to me or my daughter ever again
Mum is gonna like the kitty more than me
Worker taking a break enjoying her coffee
A bit of self love always cheers me up during the daily routine
Yeah, there is something i've been working on
Darling, i'm working late tonight
Darling, i'm working late tonight
Middle aged couple on walk outside having coffee to go
Counting how many pipes are yet to count
And what for did we come here?
Yeah, 'cause we have so little time to surf in internet these days
Guess, they're not interested in talking
Who is this woman?
Who is this woman?
I don't care about small talks, i'm 3
Could this day be even more boring?
Young woman sitting at the table holding her head with an arm
She is more interested in sounds her phone makes when she hitting the table with it then what it can do and i appreciate it dearly
Young girl sitting on the table holding a cup of coffee
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