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Yeah, this conversation seems bad already
When you don't understand the conversation
Not taking off her formal dress
Not taking off her formal dress
Ars longa vita brevis
Ars longa vita brevis
What do you mean an error?
Gosh, how to cope with all these papers?
I am all attention
I can't believe it
That's a failure
Man, you are crazy
Bothered female psychologist holding glasses and looks worried about something
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No one's holding a gun to my head... really?
Sometimes life can seem like a living hell
Old professor touching his beard and reading a book attentively
Why won't they just do it my way
Thinking and rethinking all possible options
Didn't expect to hear these news
I told you time and time again: i'm not as think as you drunk i am
Whatever is going on over there i'm not impressed
I don't understand, what is she trying to achieve here? doesn't she know that i hate doughnuts
Silently begging for more food
Well, do you see these numbers?
I spent a night designing this and i'll bite your fingers off if you touch it
The only thing i can do is just scream
Disturbed while sleeping
Disturbed while sleeping
Young beautiful blonde woman
Young beautiful blonde woman
Young attractive worker holding her head down and touching her nose
The deadline is tomorrow? you've got to be kidding!
The deadline is tomorrow? you've got to be kidding!
Covering his face in despair
I can't believe it
Young female doctor looking worried about info on digital tablet
Pensive young female psychologist holding her glasses and writing something down
Processing all the needed information
What?.. alarming news about beards?
Leave me alone or i'll rip your head off!
Looks like mature businessman doesn't get something
I just can't go with what's written here
Before making a decision you have to think a lot of things
Mom, i'm working, i'll call you back later
Well, we should figure something out about that
Wait, what was that sound?
Jeez it's her and her doughnuts again
What's that, mortal? i'm on my lunch break
Well, do you see these numbers?
There are few moments i'm worried about
Defending one's fleet in xxist century is just as hard as doing so in the xixth one
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